Image Of ‘Snake’ Spotted On The Surface Of Mars Intrigues Experts

A snake on Mars? Image causes controversy Photo

In science fiction movies, aliens are usually portrayed in two ways: either they are humanized, with a slight dark aspect, or they are slimy beings, with tentacles and the like. Unfortunately, according to a recent record taken on Mars, the second option seems more real.
An image taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover, NASA’s department dedicated to exploring the Red Planet, shows a snake-like figure on the Martian surface.

Record made by NASA’s Mars department

Scholar on the subject, ufologist Scott Waring, from UFO Sightings Daily, commented on the sighting: “This snake was discovered slithering to the underside of a rock, moving on the edge of a small rise. 50 cm. In fact, the reptile life form may have a better chance of surviving in such a harsh and arid environment.”

Other experienced observers of extraterrestrial life, however, point out that often creatures supposedly seen on other planets are, in fact, rocks.

Astronomer and director of the SETI Institute, Seth Shostak says: “Everyone who sends us such images gets very excited, claiming to have seen something that often resembles something you wouldn’t expect to find.”

Shostak points to pareidolia as the main source for human “creativity”. “It’s a basic human instinct to see patterns where they don’t exist, it’s called pareidolia”, punctuates the astronomer, referring to a phenomenon that affects humans and makes us see, for example, images in clouds, fogged windows or any other places.


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