Chilling Video: La Llorona in Colombia

La Llorona is a legendary figure with various incarnations. Commonly known as the “weeping woman”. She is depicted as a type of banshee: the ghost of a woman dressed in white. Who appears on lakes or rivers, sometimes at crossroads, and cries at night for her lost children … whom she killed. Her crime was committed in a fit of madness. When she found out that her unfaithful husband left her to be with another woman of higher status. After realizing what she had done, she committed suicide.

She is described as a lost soul doomed to wander the earth forever. For some, this is just a fictional figure that parents use to bully naughty children. This popular story has been presented in various forms: film, animation, art, poetry, theater and literature. Designed for both adults and children. The legend is deeply rooted in Mexican culture, but little by little it spread throughout South America and parts of the United States. But the question we ask ourselves is: is there evidence for its existence? Well, the answer to this question can be found in the video.

La Llorona in Colombia
A video posted to social media shows the silhouette of a “weeping woman” in a tree in Colombia. Which for many is evidence that La Llorona is much more than a legend. According to South American media, the incident occurred in the Colombian municipality of Monitos. And went viral on social media shortly after Christmas, in early 2020.

Though they didn’t provide many details. The only thing known is that the inhabitants of the small municipality are afraid to leave their homes due to the appearance of ghosts. In particular, it has been suggested that the creature in the video is clearly a terrifying figure. From Latin American folklore, known as “La Llorona”.

As we discussed earlier, legend has it that this wandering spirit belongs to a woman. Who was rejected by her husband and responded by drowning her children and then committing suicide. She refused to “come to the other side”, and now La Llorona roams the Earth in spirit form. Killing all those unfortunate enough to meet her.

Other cases
Like many videos like this that go viral, internet users are divided on the sighting in Colombia. While some found the scene rather horrific, the most skeptical criticized the video, assuring it was a prank. However, this is not the first time the alleged Llorona has appeared in Colombia. In mid-2021, residents of La Esmeralda in the Colombian municipality of Arauquita heard strange screams after midnight. As in Monitos, no one dared to leave the house to find out what was going on.

La Llorona is a legendary figure with various incarnations.

But several witnesses returning home heard a scream and were surprised to see the figure of an elderly woman. Extremely thin, with long black hair covering her face and wearing a white dress. Slowly walking towards the cemetery of the city, weeping inconsolably. The men decided to follow her, and at one point a strange woman stood on the grave of a small child. It was at that moment that the woman turned to the men and let out a loud scream that caused them to run.

The truth is that the video is truly horrific and if it’s false, we don’t know what the real Llorona is supposed to look like. Maybe it’s a ghost, or a mystical being, or a demonic entity. Although it cannot be ruled out that this is a strange creature that makes an alarming sound.

What is your opinion about the video? Is this a real vision of La Llorona or just a woman standing in a tree?


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