A Ghostly Glowing Creature Walking On Water

Eyewitnesses panicked when they saw a strange ghostly luminous creature. Walking on the water at Marble Falls, Texas.

There are several instances of mysterious energy manifesting under various conditions. Scientists suggest (!) that this may be the result of a short-term separation of our world and another kingdom.

Another claim is that these phenomena are common in our environment. But they are hidden from our field of view and appear only by chance in selected photographs.

It happened in Marble Falls, Texas last year. Eyewitnesses saw a strange green object floating above the surface of the water, invading private property to take pictures.

The monster is clearly visible even if it only appears in one image.

After a year of investigation, no one has been able to offer a plausible explanation for the image. The image shows that the object resembles a ghost or some kind of alien, which most likely lives within the lake.

On a rock, not far away, a certain rectangle is visible. — Entry/exit/portal?

Its two arms and two legs are clear signs that it is a humanoid if we look closely at it. The accuracy of this shot cannot be questioned due to the shadows cast by the small green creature.

Despite the fact that the same place was photographed several times, the green thing is visible on only one of them. One thought was that this being could be an earth spirit. Another hypothesis claims that the lake hides the base…


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