US Soldier Claims To Have S.h.o.t And Eliminated A 3.6-Meter-Tall Giant In Afghanistan

A US patrol disappeared in a remote part of Afghanistan in 2002. After rounding a mountainside, a search and rescue patrol was dispatched, and a soldier from that patrol described what he saw:

When we rounded the bend, we could see the entrance to the cave. So I think there’s a lot of rocks, which is weird. And then there’s the matter of bones. I couldn’t tell what kind of bones they were because I wasn’t close enough, but I saw what looked like some of our communications equipment.

So we thought of an ambush, maybe an animal, but it could be something. There was enough space in front of the cave to spread out in the event of an ambush, but it was a precipitous drop.


They saw something appear from the cave shortly after entering the scattering formation which totally unbalanced them considering their preparation.


“He was a tall man, at least 3.6 to 4.5 meters tall,” says the narrator. This is a MONSTER of a creature. His beard was scarlet red and extended past his shoulders, as was his hair. And Dan attacks him and starts shooting, bringing us all back to reality – because it was so surreal.

“Another of my brothers is putting fuel when Dan approaches him and I start shooting. He skewered Dan, and now he’s put him on the ‘pike’. It walked right past him. He’s tracked you down and is looking for more. We all dove right away. I’m not sure what it was, but I remember someone yelling, “Kill him in the chest!” He has suffered a lot of losses and still gets around. ”

The giant was defeated in the end. Dan has already been murdered. A helicopter lowered the cargo net on the patrol unit shortly afterwards. They were instructed to cover the giant with a net, and a larger helicopter arrived soon after, lowering a rope and removing the giant.


The fair-skinned, red-haired colossus had six fingers and six fingers on each hand and foot, according to the soldier. After the presentation of his after-action work, the soldier remembers being instructed by his superiors to review it in a particular way, certainly excluding any mention of a giant being.

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