Triangular UFO Absorbing Lightning Energy

Over the years, there have been reports of strange objects that defy all the laws of physics. Those who saw their presence in our skies claimed that they were very large and silent. But most striking is their unusual shape: triangular. In fact, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). Investigates the appearance of such unidentified flying objects. According to reports posted on their website, since the late eighties. There are reports of the presence of these mysterious planes (triangular UFO).

Some witnesses claim to have seen a huge object with a width of 180 to 240 meters, which flew silently. These “ships” moved so slowly that one could run after them. Impossible movements and their strange design make them look like unknown planes. However, despite countless reports of triangular UFOs over the years. There is currently very little information about their origin or purpose. Thus, the mystery of the “flying triangles” continues. Although thanks to the Internet, we already have evidence of their existence. For example, a new video that clearly shows a strange triangular UFO in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Triangular UFO

Popular UFO researcher Tyler Glockner, who runs the Secureteam10 YouTube channel. Uploaded a video showing an unidentified flying object in the shape of a triangle in the middle of a thunderstorm. Glockner reveals that the triangular UFO was hidden in the middle of a thunderstorm.

It is quite clear what I can conclude from this. That this is a strange object, or maybe a strange cloud, has the shape of TR-3B. He looks black. Seems tough. It looks like a triangular or lighter, typical V-shaped object. (Glockner explained)

The video clearly shows a triangular object in the sky in the midst of huge lightning crossing the clouds. And after analyzing the images, Glockner claimed to have found other lights coming out of the ship in a triangular pattern.

It seems that these mysterious objects are powered by 200,000 amps of lightning to recharge their intergalactic batteries. The UFO appears to be immune to lightning attacks. The object absorbs their energy. (Glockner stated)

A video uploaded by Glockner on November 22, 2018 went viral on social media. And users have proposed various theories to explain this strange observation. Most argued that the strange triangular object could be an alien craft or the well-known TR-3B. An alleged American spy plane, reverse engineered from extraterrestrial technology.

Lightning revealed a black triangular UFO hovering in the sky.

The nickname “Black Triangle” has been the subject of controversy in the conspiratorial community for the past two decades. Conspiracy theorists believe that the US Air Force managed to develop this ship. Using the anti-gravity technology of Area 51. In addition, extraterrestrial civilizations helped the scientists in charge of the secret project. However, this video shows that this type of advanced ship is ready to absorb beam energy. To travel on our planet and in space.

Although many people have said that the images clearly show an alien ship, some are not sure. The most skeptical suggested that it was just a hole in the clouds illuminated by lightning. Dirt on a camera lens or computer-generated imagery (CGI), in other words, editing.

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