Terrifying ‘Humanoid’ Creature Captured Crawling On CCTV As Dogs Go Wild

Footage of a weird creature said to be the legendary cryptid “La Mona” or a “ghoul” was shared on Reddit. People debated whether or not the bizarre figure was a human

A bizarre video shows a creature with weird “bent legs” running around on all fours while several dogs desperately bark at it.

In the clip, filmed at night, the figure crawls towards the camera with a crab-like motion and a dog scampers around yapping at it.

A second dog then starts urgently barking in the background as the mysterious thing gets closer to the camera.

The video, recorded on home CCTV in Costa Rica, was uploaded on Reddit by user u/fit_then_fat in “humanoid encounters” where people debated if the figure was a “ghoul”, “La Mona” or something much more mundane.

One person commented: “I would think this were a human if it weren’t for the odd back leg.

The creature was humanlike but also very bizarre and ‘creepy’

“There are too many bends in the back legs. With that said, video could still be faked.”

Similarly, another user said: “The way those legs are bent is making me question it, I mean also I can touch my toes when stretching so I know it’s possible but either way, f***ing creepy.”

But other people were convinced the weird figure was just a human having a rollicking time on all fours, for reasons only they know.

Someone commented: “Right, probably someone under some heavy influences dissatisfied by bipedal locomotion.”

“Probably a crackhead who got hold of the wrong stuff,” said a second.

The mysterious clip has left Reddit users baffled

Noting the barking dog, someone else wrote: “I feel like the dog was a little freaked out, like, ‘whoa wtf dude, you good??’”

The original poster then said the same creature had been filmed by two men who said was “La Mona” and they feared getting scratched.

La Mona is a Latin American so-called cryptid based on the legend of a witchlike woman with a horrific appearance who, according to the myth, stalks people at night.

She is said to strike terror into anyone who looks at her and inflict scratches and cast spells.

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