Strange Alien-Like Creature Captured near Icelandic Waterfall

Today, a lot of discoveries are discovered entirely by chance, and that is a truth. As much as we’d want to argue that we prepare for the majority of these, the truth is that laypeople witness just as many weird interactions as professionals do.

For instance, Vigdis Howser Harardóttir, an Icelandic climber, had a remarkable experience of his own while scaling a cliff at the Dettifoss waterfall.

He saw this bizarre creature that appeared to hang over the edge of the cliff as he surveyed the waterfall from a distance.

As you can see from the photos, the monster is completely in the dark and is poking its head out from behind the cliffside.

What’s noteworthy in this situation is that whatever this monster might be, it seems to be doing so pretty easily, which is no small feat given that Vigdis himself was forbidden from getting any closer to the edge because he would have easily fallen off to his doom.

In addition, there were no drones, birds, or plastic bags nearby, indicating that whoever or whatever was on the location he discovered here had not been there previously.

Occurred on August 11, 2020 / Iceland

“I was travelling around my home country, Iceland with my partner. We were about stay in the east side of the country when we decided to stop by Dettifoss, one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. The day before we had been talking with an elderly woman about elf activity in the area since it’s close to Ásbyrgi which is called the ‘elf capital’ of Iceland. I am active on Instagram and had been shooting videos and taking pictures for ‘my story’ on Instagram. I am actually really afraid of heights, but my partner pushed me to go as close as possible when we arrived at Dettifoss. When I was that close and nobody in front of me, I decided to record the video and I zoomed into the waterfall because I thought it looked cool. I had no filter on and no effects. Then after this we continued to drive our way into a town where we would camp and spend the night. We arrived there both feeling really weird, mild anxiety and a feeling of something weird had happened. I went through my story on Instagram to check if everything looked cool and only then did I notice the creature and the head. Being 4 hours away, I couldn’t turn around and check it again, so I just posted on my story asking my followers what they thought. Elf ? ufo ? Tripod ? Trolls? Nobody knows. I don’t know either. All I know is that I got a weird feeling about it.”

-Vigdis Howser Harardóttir-

What may this weird humanoid creature be, in your opinion? Do you believe it to be an alien or a possible local species of the waterfall?


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