Spirals In The Sky Over Hawaii And Around The World

Spirals in the sky over Hawaii and around the world. Moving portals from other worlds? One of the strangest ufological phenomena is the observation of unusual objects. Similar to squids, manta rays and even worms crawling on the dome of our planet. However, not everyone has seen flying clams before.

The video (above) was filmed a few days ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. The eyewitness heard something loud, reminiscent of the sound of a jet aircraft, and turned on his phone to record just in time. To catch a strange object flying overhead that sounded like an airplane but looked like a clam.

At the end of January, this was observed throughout the central territory of the United States:

Also some kind of hefty spiral, similar to the spiral in Norway back in 2009.

The appearance of the world-famous spiral in Norway, as you know, strangely coincided with the launch of the Large Hadron Collider at full capacity.TANK?
As a result, in 2009, a version was proposed that the spiral and the collider are somehow connected, but it was not possible to directly prove this. However, in April 2022, it somehow coincided that the LHC started working again after repairs. And since the beginning of April, they launched a new proton gun – the so-called Linear Accelerator-4. And the sky blazed with whirlwinds of light.

NASA and the Pentagon then denied any rocket launches. They don’t know anything about the state of Michigan either:


And now, as it turned out, another spiral spun over the Hawaiian Islands:



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