Siberian Waters Have Revealed an Ancient Underwater Alien Civilization

Researchers Paul Stonehill and Phillip Mantle have made the decision to try and solve the mystery on their own after hearing repeated tales of individuals disappearing and no one doing anything about it.

They searched for every possible explanation, and after extensive questioning of the locals and rational examination of everything, they discovered the real reason for everything. They contend that although the truth is difficult to accept, it is the only response that makes sense.

They declared that people are hunted by alien creatures from the sea. Despite how bizarre and unexpected it may seem, it does make logic in part.

They have been mentioned in numerous artifacts found in the area, and numerous eyewitnesses have stated that they are carnivorous creatures who prefer to attack the weak or young.

They are 10 feet tall per usual and are referred to as the “swimmers” by the locals. They usually wear silver clothing and use their telekinetic powers to lure you in.

The researchers even believe that this might all be tied to the Bermuda Triangle and that this is how you can explain the disappearances there.

What do you think though? Is it going too far or not far enough?


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