“Ufos Have Been Here Forever And Live Under The Oceans” Says Expert

A UFO expert has claimed that aliens “have always been here” and that they live under the oceans, which has protected them from all the ills of the planet for thousands of years.

Aliens have been living under Earth’s oceans for protection and have always been here, a UFO expert has claimed.

Anna Whitty, the author of UFO’s: A Fundamental Truth, believes that aliens are more advanced humans than those who live on the surface.

Anna based her claims on testimony given by Dr. Shirley Wright, a former colleague of Albert Einstein, who claimed to have interviewed the pilots of the crashed craft in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Cover of the Roswell Daily Record, dated July 8, 1947, announcing the capture of a flying saucer, in Roswell County, New Mexico, United States. The most outstanding evidence in the history of UFOs.

There is a documentary that premiered on Thursday (July 7) about the incident called [Roswell 75: The Final Evidence] where it was claimed that “aliens” had asked “how far out into the ocean” humans had explored.

Anna said:

“I think they have always been here. It is very likely that the “aliens” come from somewhere under the sea or from caves.”

All this makes sense, because there is a lot of evidence on the planet about massive cataclysms every few thousand years, there are even several theories that affirm the existence of intraterrestrial worlds within the Planet.

Roswell autopsy photo featured in documentary Roswell 75: The Final Evidence

“Humans on the surface go back to the Stone Age every several thousand years, and the people who ride the UFOs are somewhere protected underground, so perhaps their development in technology and intelligence continues on an upward trajectory while we are rebooting every so often.”

“It is also possible that they are not human beings at all, since: they have the ability to make you see something that is not part of reality.”

Aliens reportedly live under the ocean to protect themselves from Earth’s ills

On the other hand, there are 143 cases of strange flying objects, witnessed exclusively by Navy pilots or detected by US fighter radars.

One of them was the one described by Commander David Fravor who, one afternoon in November 2004, was flying over the Pacific Ocean more than 100 kilometers from the US West Coast.

Fravor spotted, as he himself told The New York Times, what looked like a strange ship 12 meters long, ovoid in shape and whitish in color that floated on the sea at a height of about 15 meters.

The pilot began to approach her. And the object seemed to take notice and maneuvered itself up, as if wanting to meet the American fighter.

“But, halfway through it, it accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it vanished in a very strange way,” the pilot explained.


The nine-page study includes 18 special cases like the one described by Fravor, in which the flying objects analyzed execute maneuvers without apparent propulsion or are capable of accelerating with a technical skill unknown to American engineers.

In any case, and due to the lack of data, the Pentagon only points to the specific cause: a hot air balloon. Isn’t it strange that they always try to relate the inexplicable with something common? A hot air balloon traveling at more than hypersonic speeds? Certainly not. But hey, let everyone make their own conclusions.


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