The Most Mysterious Alien Sighting of All Time Is The Alien Black Knight Satellite, Documented Even by NASA

One of the most widely accepted ideas of all time is the existence of the Black Knight Satellite. Most experts agree that it is a unique flying object whose appearance is always a negative omen of some kind. It orbits our globe every 15 to 20 years or so.

The discovery was made by Nikola Tesla in 1899, but because of the scant evidence he had, it was not widely accepted at the time.

But, on May 14th, 1954 something changed. The story of the Black Knight Satellite has released in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner.

Despite the fact that by the time the 60s rolled in both the US and the USSR had their satellites in orbit, neither claimed responsibility for the strange aircraft that popped up on February 11th.

Gordon Cooper himself saw its light, but despite this, he was quickly dismissed by NASA, who said that it was all just too much CO2 in the air that made him temporarily lose his mind.

You may verify that the images you can actually see were taken by NASA’s STS-88 Space Shuttle mission by looking at them.

After the pictures were uploaded though on the internet they were quickly removed by someone with a lot of influence.


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