Experiments With Human-Animal Hybrids Are Already Legal In Japan.

Although the idea of human-animal hybrids may be unsettling to some, it’s generally not as as horrifying as many film depictions make it out to be.

Although the social stigma associated with “playing God” would still be hanging over your head, producing such hybrids in a controlled atmosphere might generally prove to be rather beneficial.

This sure didn’t stop a group of scientists from Japan that have been actively working on this subject alone for a couple of years now.

Their plan isn’t to replace us though, you don’t have to worry about that, instead, what they’re going for is a means to extend our current lifecycle past its prime.

You’d be able to outlive almost everything if you could adopt these qualities from animals for yourself. Has your hand been lost? For instance, one can grow a back like a lizard. Only 20% of the world’s oceans have been thoroughly studied. Why don’t we take a plunge to the bottom and explore it for ourselves?

Since he was given the go-ahead to start conducting animal-human hybrid trials, Hiromitsu Nakauchi, the director of research at Tokyo University, has been asking himself this issue over the past few years.

His plan is a lot less “god-like” than we mentioned above though, as he simply tries to grow organs inside of different animals, for now, to see if we could have farms of transplantable organs on demand in the near future.

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