A UFO, The Explosion Of “Falcon 9” And The Destruction Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Satellite

Video has emerged of an unidentified flying object approaching the Falcon 9 rocket, moments before it exploded during launch tests on September 1, 2016.

Was the object a UFO or is there something else?

They say that Zuckerberg suffered enormously when he learned of the terrible accident of the Space X rocket that in turn destroyed the satellite with which Facebook intended to bring the Internet to the African continent.

But what really caused the destruction of this device valued at 200 million dollars, during the takeoff in Cape Canaveral?

“SpaceX was able to confirm that in preparations for the static fire test, there was an ‘anomaly’ that resulted in the loss of their vehicle and payload.”
The word “anomaly” after the explosion caused many theorists to suspect something other than an accidental explosion.

But what? According to some, the slow-motion video revealed something moving from right to left just before the explosion.

The initial explanation for the explosion was as usual: it was a bug in the rocket! and what flew by could have been an insect, a bird or a Drone.

The ufologists experts ruled out that this has been an “Error“, as many assured that the UFO seems to be behind the towers (near the rocket).

“The speed at which the object is going in and out is too fast to be a bird or a balloon.”
“An unmanned aircraft (Drone) for observation, must have been parked in the air or moving slowly.”

Once again, the “speed of the object” does not seem to coordinate with the speed of a Drone, balloon or Bird. Theorists assured.

Could it be an experimental high-speed drone?

However, there is one more detail: The shape of the object.

The UFO shows an orb shape. This form does not match Drones, at least not human drones and the speed is too fast for it to be a bird or balloon.

In the slow motion video, it is clearly seen how the rocket catches fire just as it is flown over by an object at high speed.

Something flies over the place without a doubt, but nobody agrees on what it is; for some, it could be an insect or a bird located near the camera and for others there is no doubt that it is a UFO, which intercepts the rocket’s takeoff and is even affected by the explosion, reflecting an intense light orange.

In these cases and as in most: everything can be as long as there is no conclusive explanation!

What do you think? Was it a balloon, a bird or an DE (Extraterrestrial Drone)?


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