On Mars, Has a Supposed Alien Weapon Been Discovered?

This photograph of the alleged alien weapon from Mars was recently taken by NASA and, as you can see, has generated a lot of discussion online.

Most of the time, people on the internet debate whether it’s an alien missile or some kind of statue, and we really don’t know for sure. But it clearly looks more like an alien weapon on the planet Mars.

Skeptics say it’s all a matter of experience, claiming that if we get close enough, we’ll see that it doesn’t look like an alien cannon to begin with.

Still, since this is the only image we have to deal with.

Not surprisingly, this idea has been largely forgotten.

So what exactly are we looking at here?

After all, is this some kind of Martian alien weapon?

Experts believe it’s because it could very well be the ancient defense mechanisms that the Martians built into its surface.

For all we know, it could be an anti-aircraft weapon.

As it looks like a cannon projecting upwards from the ground.

This could be ample evidence that it was designed to fire in the atmosphere.

Since the tube frame was most likely designed as an alien weapon.

This can shoot anything that threatens the sky.

That’s a sign that he didn’t see us as a threat in the first place.

Or is it just inactive?

Whether or not it’s an extraterrestrial weapon, the evidence is pretty overwhelming that there was an important civilization on Mars, and maybe they’re still there sharing it with the humans who have inhabited that planet since the seventies.


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