Antarctic Ice’s Finger of D.e.a.t.h Is Filmed Live, Freezing Everything in Its Path

Even while the idea of a finger of death is fanciful, we should point out right away that it is a completely natural event and not anything you should ever be afraid of experiencing.

When a team of researchers discovered this enormous tornado-like phenomenon beneath the ice of Antarctica in the 1960s, they were the first to describe a finger of death, or brinicle as it is more commonly known.

For the most part, brinicles are extremely rare and that is for good reason too as they only really occur in extremely low-temperature ocean waters that are essentially frozen altogether.

As we know by now, the frozen freshwater is not the same as the ice on the ocean surface as the latter is actually made up of two elements altogether. The water in itself effectively excludes all of the salt as it begins freezing which pushes the salt all the way at the bottom of the sea.

At the bottom, this eventually forms a brinicle, and it is immediately clear why this is such an uncommon occurrence.

Most people have never actually been able to see one of these “fingers of death,” but thanks to a team of experts, we now have visual evidence of them along with one of the most powerful displays of mother nature’s wrath that we have ever witnessed, as this finger of death completely freezes anything in its path.


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