Extraterrestrial Mummy Discovered in an Egyptian Tomb.

Egyptian mummy discovered

Recently discovered the mummy is well preserved creature was carefully embalmed and was buried in one of the ancient pyramids. The creature, who was found 5 feet between 160 and 150 cm long, has been found by archaeological research team led by archaeologist Czechoslovak and a retired professor Pennsylvania State University, University Victor Lubeck Viktor Lubek, during the exploration team for a small pyramid is due to the 12 family close to the pyramid Senusert the Second Agon a.

Under the condition of anonymity, a source at the Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities described and provided images of the find and said, “mummy dating back to about 2000 or 1880 BC, which does not resemble human and to this point has not been identified on the sex of this creature, he does not have his external ears, as The almond-shaped eyes very large.

Additionally, other tomb inscriptions mention the mummy as a royal advisor and give him the name Osiront Osirunet, which means “star sent from heaven.” According to the source, the Egyptian archaeologist discovered a hidden room for burial while exploring a small pyramid is located to the south of the pyramid of Senusret II, which was thought to have contained the mummy of Queen Pharaonic. The body had been embalmed well and was buried with great respect and care, and next to the mummy was found on a number of exotic purposes that are not recognized by one.

According to an Egyptian source cited by the author, “this cemetery from the beginning it was clear it was extraordinary person has been preserved mummy in an extraordinary way where he found the combination of gold plating and mud on the mummy, were also found on the contents inside the cemetery included purposes are made of synthetic materials, no one can determine what they are, and it has also been found on a strange machine formed a complete mystery to us.

He added “Throughout my life I did not see anything like this in any tomb Pharaonic” says, this Alakchavkd caused panic among Egyptians Almseelin where Orteuro not announced until Ajdo reasonable explanation for these strange mummy, and the Egyptian government consulted with a number of senior archaeologists, but to Now no one can find a clear explanation for this curious discovery.

The source added, “Anyone who saw the mummy of archaeologists they said it’s not out of the ground floor, but it’s a creature of extraterrestrial and everyone has a strong sense that this object is a space object of extraterrestrial where he helped King Pharaonic and give him advice.

He added that the officials in the Egyptian government avoid this conclusion, where he supports a set of ideas says that aliens have the help of the Pharaohs in building their civilization unusual, it was decided to move the mummy on a plane to Florida

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