Uri Geller Said That Alien Beings Will Increase Human Life Expectancy To Aprox. 220 Years

Uri Geller, a well-known paranormal specialist, has surprised his Twitter followers with odd allegations.

Scientists, he claims, have already discovered “higher entities” that will now assist humans in increasing life expectancy.

Geller thinks aliens would teach mankind how to “eradicate all sickness” by extending life expectancy to 220 years. A person born today will encounter aliens at some point in his life.

He prophesied that instead of frightening humans with aliens’ aggressive conduct, they would assist humanity to uncover the secrets of supposedly incurable illnesses, enabling everyone to live considerably longer.

“My dear friends, the kid born today will encounter aliens throughout his life who will teach us how to remove all ailments,” Uri Geller said on Twitter. The average human life expectancy will rise to 220 years.”

A psychic whose extraordinary powers were studied by the US CIA in the 1970s has just told NASA scientists to prepare for a catastrophic extraterrestrial invasion of Earth, which is expected to occur soon.

He thinks that Australian radio wave mapping scientists who detected a massive energy source 4,000 light-years distant may have uncovered a communication from “superior” extraterrestrial aliens.

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