Mysterious Fleet Of UFOs Appeared Right Above The Pyramids Of Giza

On the night of December 3, 2020, something weird occurred in the sky above the Giza pyramids: enigmatic bright objects emerged in the sky, one of which was quite huge and had the shape of a diamond with other little balls moving close to it.

As a result, dozens of little particles flew out of the enormous brilliant rumbling and vanished very instantly. The thing then looked to be engulfed in flames and break into a collection of pieces.

Many films of this fantastic UFO sighting have been produced, but they are all of the same kind, so we only give one, which was evaluated by researcher buddy Emanuel Huza, who only gathered a few, filmed from various perspectives and with distinct sound sequences. That is, so there is no mistake about the efforts of a few knuckleheads in the video editor.

Extraterrestrials most likely sought to create a spatiotemporal gash in the atmosphere where little light spheres would emerge, according to Massimo Fratini.

“I’ve done a lot of study and studies on sophisticated alien civilizations’ StarGate or Dimensional Portals.

It’s no coincidence that NASA’s research of XPoints, which are locations where the Earth’s magnetic field meets with the Sun’s magnetic field, producing a spatial gap with an unobstructed passage running from our planet to the Sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away, has been classified as Top Secret.


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