Huge UFO Over The Sky Of Dinkelsbühl In Germany

In this video from Dinkelsbühl, Germany, a woman is filming a huge UFO. Probably triangular (difficult to determine contour at night) from his car. The pictures are very good, although it was at night. The alleged appearance took place on July 2 around midnight. She was returning home after dinner around midnight when she was caught off guard by strange lights that appeared in the sky.

From the location of the lights, it can be seen that the shape of the aircraft has a triangular shape with a decent size. A family member began filming an unidentified object that did not make any noise while in the sky. At the same time, constantly shifting, as if sliding to the side.

In the video, we notice that the object is moving towards the forest, away from the road, and then suddenly disappears into the air. We don’t know if the video is genuine. But if that were the case, we would be in front of some really impressive images.

This is the most reliable video of a triangular object. Which appeared in the air right above the front of the car and over the road. Some people will wonder why the author of this video didn’t stop and kept making videos. Yes, because she was terrified. And it happened quickly, would you stop at night, in the forest? If such an object flew over your head. The author of this incredible film, wished to remain anonymous, I think she has her reasons, and there is nothing to blame her for.

Another proof that extraterrestrial civilizations already exist, or a well-built fake?

An equally amazing video from Germany, filmed on June 26, 2014 in the city of Kassel
This triangular UFO has been seen recently and is very similar to the TR3B. The fact that the man blurred the child’s face and didn’t put the UFO in dead center of the video. Makes believe this is a real video. According to Scott Waring, a contributor to UFO Sightings Daily, who has instrumentally checked the videos for authenticity. The lighting and shading of the UFO also matches the trees and trellises of the exercise equipment in the children’s, sports jungle.


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